A day​​ inside a Painting.


             Yes, you read that right. I spent a day inside a painting!..literally…

This photo was taken at Burano, One of Venice’s Islands and one of the most colorful destinations in the world. After Randomly coming across photos of Burano on Facebook a couple of years back. I quickly added this place to my must-visit destinations list and I am so happy that I was able to cross it out of my list last year! but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back!

Before I continue, if you haven’t yet, go read my Lost In Venice post, as this is a continuation!

After adventuring around the city on our first day, we actually had an itinerary with things to do on our second day in Venice. Burano was obviously at the top of our list. There were a couple of other things there as well but to be honest we didn’t do any of them Besides taking a famous gondola ride in Saint Marks later that day!

Burano took most of our day and we don’t regret it at all!


Burano is a small island so you can expect to spend at least half a day here. However, getting there takes a while so it ended up taking most of our day.

if you are planning a trip to Venice and want to visit Burano here is how to get there (+ some tips):

  1. Walk to Fondament Nove ( near saint marks) and take Ferry #12 they depart every 30 mins. ( depending on where you are staying it can be a long walk, it took us around 35 mins to get there) the ferry ride took another 40 mins but since it was a very scenic ride, the time went by fast!
  2. HUGE TIP: download maps.me on your phone. It allows you to save and access maps of any part of the world offline! I wish I knew about this app before my trip to Europe! haha
  3. (optional) get off at Murano Island and stroll around, we watched a really awesome glass making exhibition there! if you do decide to stop at Murano hop on Ferry #12 again and head to Burano. very simple! People in Italy are also very kind ! so if you get confused don’t be afraid to ask!


Things to do:

Our Day in Burano consisted of 1. getting lost as usual and 2. Taking photos in front of strangers homes! ..I felt bad for a good 3 seconds because I thought about the owners getting frustrated at all the tourists taking pictures in front of their front doors, but hey! they are probably used to it by now! right?…hopefully..haha

Honestly At first, I didn’t want to be that person but since I wasn’t sure whether I will have the opportunity to visit again any time soon, I couldn’t let the opportunity of taking a photo pass me by. Every home was so Unique and beautiful it was almost impossible to pick a favorite. I’m sure thousands of other tourists who have visited Burano felt the same way!

Like any popular tourist destination, Burano has an area with a lot of bars, souvenirs shops, and restaurants. We spent some time here as we wanted to buy a couple of souvenirs and grab something to eat, but after that, we wandered off to the opposite side of the island where there were barely any tourists around. Here we were able to enjoy the peacefulness and true beauty of this place.

There are not enough words to describe how magical this place was, I felt so blessed for being able to witness so much beauty at once! it is safe to assume that our visit to Burano was the highlight and my favorite part of our trip!! I can’t wait to be back!!


Outfit Details:

  1. Top: Urban Outfitters
  2. Skirt: Boutique in Venice
  3. Hat: Forever21
  4. Sandals: Charles Keith
  5. Backpack: This is my all-time favorite bag! I got it abroad but I’m sure you can find something similar at Asos

11 thoughts on “A day​​ inside a Painting.

  1. I feel like architecture was more beautiful and more colorful before urbanization, before the world became so modern.

    Just looking at these photos is a breath of fresh air, providing immense relief from being surrounded by dull concrete buildings, which is what you typically see in big cities.

    Liked by 1 person

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