Lost In Venice

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If you are a 90’s chic like me, you probably watched all the Olsen twin movies and dreamed of touring Europe with your best friend one day, am I right?!

Last summer I went to Europe with my best friend and I was able to reenact these movies making my childhood dream come true! except of course the part where they date a dreamy European guy and fall head over heels, but that’s okay (eye roll). We had an amazing time anyway! haha

We visited 3 different countries and loved every single one. I will tell you all about them in future posts! Today I want to talk about my breathtaking but quick visit to this beautiful city in Italy. I really think that whoever named Paris the city of love, never went to Venice. This city is not only romantic but extremely interesting and full of culture. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is dreamy and full of history but to me is just another cosmopolitan city. I’ve lived in New York for the past 14 years, so Paris didn’t really leave a huge mark on me like Venice did.

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If you’re a hopeless romantic that loves adventure and getting lost by walking to wherever your soul takes you. visit Venice, It won’t disappoint you!

After a long flight and very few hours of sleep, we started our first day in Venice really early. There was a lot of exploring to do and not enough time, we only stayed here 3 full days so sleeping wasn’t part of our plans. Venice Being the first city we visited in Italy, the first thing we wanted to do, obviously was to get ourselves some gelato. They surely weren’t lying when they said Ice cream in Italy tastes 10x better!! especially with a scenery like this one!

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I had always dreamed of visiting Venice but I never really thought it would happen. I must say Venice definitely exceeded my expectations, it was much more beautiful than what I had imagined.

Unfortunately, though, there isn’t such a thing as perfect. I would be lying if I told you everything about my trip was impeccable. There were obviously a few things (Very Few) that weren’t so perfect. The first was finding out that there are stairs literally every 5 steps in Venice. Just kidding, I’m exaggerating! but there were quite a lot. Since it’s a floating city there are canals and bridges (with stairs) connecting every street. It seems pretty obvious but I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before my trip. So if your planning to visit Venice, make sure to pack comfy shoes and do not! DO NOT overpack. Don’t be like us! or you will regret it. Trust me on this one. Just imagine us climbing stairs with a huge and heavy suitcase at midnight, not fun at all. The second (and last) not so dreamy thing about our trip was the hotel where we stayed. When traveling on a budget you have to be okay with settling for a place that falls within your budget ( as long as its clean and there is a bed of course). we didn’t really spend much time here besides when it was time to get some sleep, so it wasn’t so bad, to be honest. Other than these 2 things I loved every second I spent here!

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Want to hear a funny story?..

The first thing I said when I woke up was ” alright !! who wants to get lost today?!!” I was so excited, like a little kid when they have a new toy to play with. I wanted to take advantage of every minute and every second of our stay. The Funny thing is that after I said that, we really got lost. We walked hours and hours non stop throughout the whole city and we saw many amazing things we wouldn’t have found if we had an actual itinerary with touristy things to do, so it was totally worth it. However, though, being lost got a little annoying when our feet gave up and we decided it was time to get to our hotel. I am not exaggerating when I say we walked in circles for over an hour and we couldn’t find it. We asked for directions but to our luck, most of the people walking around were tourists and others didn’t know how to direct us. We were so tired, we completely gave up and sat down on the stairs outside this really stunning building. 30 minutes later after resting our feet a bit, we walked over to a little kiosk and asked the worker if he could direct us and guess what?!….our hotel was literally 2 blocks away from where we were!..haha..we felt so silly !! we make fun of each other to this day.


One of the awesome things we came across after walking for hours was this really cool vintage bookstore! There were thousands of really old books stacked on top of each other, it was such an interesting and beautiful thing to see!

This pretty much sums up our First day in Venice, Our next day was another amazing adventure at Burano island but I don’t want to make this post too long so I will tell you all about it on my next post!

I could write for hours telling you all about why I fell in love with Venice but I know everyone has different perspectives so I don’t want to brainwash you with my own personal opinion. I do want to encourage you to visit and find out for yourself just how beautiful and interesting this place truly is!

Thank you for reading! ❤


8 thoughts on “Lost In Venice

  1. That sounds like an awesome adventure! Getting lost can lead to the best experiences. I love the photos, but especially the one of you on top of all those books!


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