Ella soy yo (I’m her)

This blog has been created in the attempt to remind and motivate everyone that can relate to stay true to yourself and to follow the things that set your soul on fire!!

The person behind Ella soy yo is Samantha Desiree (me!). She is Latina Born in Honduras.  An Introverted dreamer and a hopeless romantic who strongly believes life is meant to be lived! but has always been too afraid to raise her voice and live the life she envisions.

The name Ella soy yo comes from ‘The me inside my head’. A phrase I used growing up to refer or describe my true self. The reason I am writing this in a third person perspective is because up until not too long ago, I was living life as the person I thought I should be and not who I truly was. Today I have decided to stay true to myself and let the world know that Ella soy yo!

Thank you for Reading ! ❤


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6 thoughts on “Ella soy yo (I’m her)

  1. That’s you!! Let the world to know… que sos una personita, con un coranzon súper especial y que recuerde con mucho cariño!! Abrazos enormes a la distancia !!


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